Present Volunteers


My Name is Svenja Brauckmann, I’m 20 years old and I come from Brunswick, Germany.

Last year in 2016 I did my A-Levels and started studying environmental engineering. As this was not really what I wanted, I searched for a different and useful experience. The volunteer work is my possibility to engage myself for the environment while learning a lot about life and marine conservation. I am looking forward to our diving lessons and to see the Goan underwater world. So far I volunteered in a German Otterpark, where they take care of otters, weasels and ferrets. They focus on education and raising awareness about these animals, because there are many issues which affect them in Germany like river straightening and fishing. I am happy to work again on conservation issues and being here in Goa!



Namaste, my name is Melissa Froemel, I’m 20 years old and come from south Germany.

At the End of 2016 I decided to go to India, after my A-Levels in July 2017. I wanted to experience India as it is and not how it’s shown on the television. I heard about Coastal Impact and about its marine conservation so I got very interested in this. For me it was a new issue and I wanted to learn more about it. I feel like the ocean is a magical place with many amazing animals and the voluntary work is such a wonderful opportunity to dive literally into a whole exciting new world.