Present Volunteers

Shveta photo small

We are very pleased to appoint Shveta Nanda as our Marine Education Outreach Officer. She is authorized to conduct our conservation related programs in educational institutions, clubs, companies and any other organisations which may request for the same. She has a double Masters in Biochemistry and MPH from India and Europe and is an ardent fan of the oceans.

She is also authorized to raise funding for marine conservation projects we are starting from October, 2019. Shveta is based in Mumbai.

                            Samaira small

Meet our Young Ambassador for Sharks – 8 year old Samaira – who knows as much about sharks as Marine Biologists!! Among her many achievements she has run a campaign against Shark Finning, been featured in, has been featured on Nature Conservancy’s website AND has had her letter published in USA in Kid Power newsletter !!

She has been recently added by UNESCO on Google Maps for her work in their Kindness Matters Campaign! We are super proud of her and are working on some lovely campaigns to protect sharks which are her primary passion!!


Roanna Silveira graduated with an MSc in Microbiology and a deep interest in marine research. While working as a project assistant at the National Institute of Oceanography in Goa, she was particularly fascinated by coral reef conservation. Her work gave her the opportunity to collect samples on the reefs at Mandapam, Tamil Nadu, where she was awestruck by the incredible world underwater and disturbed to see how much has been destroyed leading her towards pursuing a career in reef conservation research where she hopes to contribute to further our knowledge about the oceans and ways to protect it and undo the damage already done.

She has also worked as a Lecturer at Goa University for a brief period.