We are very thankful to stay in close contact with publishers and writers which help us to raise awareness and talk about our projects.

“Making An Impact From The Bottom Of The Sea”, The Herald, May 7,2017:
Journalist Rahul Chandawakar joined our annual beach and underwater clean up. His article about our event was published in the Herald.

“Marine Life and the Beauty Therein”, Museum Of Goa, May 7, 2017:
Coastal Impact gave a talk at the Museum Of Goa about marine life and the beauty therein. Venkat shared his underwater experiences with an audience of 30 people. The talk was visited by marine biologists, conservationists, children and students and the head of the forest department.

“Probe reason for Olive Ridley turtles’ deaths: Conservationist”, Times of India, May 8, 2017:
Last years’ campaign to make the company Tuborg take back their empty bottles, has been picked up again this year.
The Times Of India wrote this impressive article about the dying of Olive Ridley turtles and our aim to stop it. Our petition to tuborg to tackle beer bottle menace gained momentum and was set in the right light.