Outreach and Awareness


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We should protect biodiversity because….. – Photography Contest:
What is biodiversity? The term biodiversity is used to describe the huge variety of life on this planet. But Goas biodiversity is not just about species it can be found in every corner of our beautiful state. From the coastlines to villages, experienced while traveling, working or growing up in Goa.
Why conserve biodiversity? This diversity holds together life on Earth.
An important reason to be mentioned for preserving biodiversity is ethical.
Is it right for people to destroy so much of Nature’s creation?

This earth hour, 25 of March, we launch our one month photography contest, to spread awareness about Goas amazing biodiversity and the way we are impacting it by our human actions. We hope with this contest we can open your eyes and help to educate the public about our beautiful biodiversity and how it is threatened. The winner of this campaign will get a chance to win a discover scuba dive at Barracuda Diving and discover Goas beautiful coral reef. The winning photograph of the campaign will me made in to a poster which we will place in public spaces to raise awareness about biodiversity conservation.
The contest is running from Earth Hour ,25. of March, till Earth Day, 22. of April!

Our team created a video about dive sings to name and identify marine life underwater. This video is an awareness initiative that we wish will be spread and used by divers around the world.