Past Volunteers

Kim-Marlen Munch | 19 | German
Duration of Volunteering
: 5 months

Background: In 2016 I got my A-Levels and joined the Humboldt University of Berlin for philosophy and journalism. Before I would go on with studying, I decided I need to explore the world, learn about life and do something for nature.

Volunteering Experience: I had the chance to work with several NGOs in India and get a knowledge in different fields. My work with Coastal Impact is great. I am learning a lot of new things every day, including scuba diving, conservation, IT and culture. The work atmosphere is organized and well structured and our team is working efficiently together. It’s satisfying to feel that what you are doing is making changes, even small ones.

Selina Etzold | 19 | German
Duration of Volunteering: 5 months

Background: I always knew that I wanted to travel and experience a new country and culture after my high school graduation. Since I was a child I was interested in nature and wildlife. I’m from Germany, where the wildlife is lacking in variety. That’s why I was so fascinated with India. Due to the enormous size of this country, with a diverse range of ecosystems, you can find almost everything here. From camels in the desert to bears in the mountains and dolphins in the oceans. That’s why I packed my bags and came to India after my A levels.

Volunteering Experience: Working with Coastal Impact gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the marine wildlife, especially in Goa. Some people don’t even know that Goa has a beautiful coral reef where you can find sharks (bamboo, nurse), dolphins and almost 400 species of fish and crustaceans. We are also raising awareness about the human impact on the oceans and beaches. Therefore, we started a Project called “Eco Movie Nights” where we share different nature documentaries to build awareness and engagement with the local community. If you are interested in volunteering with Coastal Impact and you have some questions , then I would be happy to share my experience with you.

Svenja Brauckmann | 20 | German

Last year in 2016 I did my A-Levels and started studying environmental engineering. As this was not really what I wanted, I searched for a different and useful experience. The volunteer work is my possibility to engage myself for the environment while learning a lot about life and marine conservation. I am looking forward to our diving lessons and to see the Goan underwater world. So far I volunteered in a German Otterpark, where they take care of otters, weasels and ferrets. They focus on education and raising awareness about these animals, because there are many issues which affect them in Germany like river straightening and fishing. I am happy to work again on conservation issues and being here in Goa!

Melissa Froemel | 20 | Germany

At the end of 2016 I decided to go to India, after my A-Levels in July 2017. I wanted to experience India as it is and not how it’s shown on the television. I heard about Coastal Impact and about its marine conservation so I got very interested in this. For me it was a new issue and I wanted to learn more about it.

I feel like the ocean is a magical place with many amazing animals and the voluntary work is such a wonderful opportunity to dive literally into a whole exciting new world.

Shveta Nanda | Mumbai, India

Shveta Nanda was our Marine Education Outreach Officer. She has a double Masters in Biochemistry and MPH from India and Europe and is an ardent fan of the oceans.

She was authorized to conduct our conservation related programs in educational institutions, clubs, companies and any other organisations which may request for the same. She was also authorized to raise funding for marine conservation projects.

Samaira | 8

Meet our Young Ambassador for Sharks who knows as much about sharks as Marine Biologists!!

Among her many achievements she has run a campaign against Shark Finning, been featured in, has been featured on Nature Conservancy’s website AND has had her letter published in USA in Kid Power newsletter !!

She has been recently added by UNESCO on Google Maps for her work in their Kindness Matters Campaign! We are super proud of her and are working on some lovely campaigns to protect sharks which are her primary passion!!