Ongoing Projects

Global FinPrint

Coastal Impact collaborates with the Paul G. Allen initiative Global FinPrint. They explore all around the world, how elasmobranch’s like sharks and rays influences the coral reef ecosystem and how humans influences elasmobranch’s. For this research we perform baited remote underwater video surveys. The aspiration is also to find out how much the number of these elasmobranch’s is decreasing. Predators like sharks and rays are very important for the balance of marine food webs and the removal of these would cause large scale habitat change. Every year around 100 million sharks are taken from the ocean for their fins and meat.

Please check out their website: for more information.

Marine awareness program


We are conducting a marine awareness program and do outreach work with our presentation.

Last years’ campaign to make the company Tuborg take back their empty bottles, is also going on this year. Coastal Impact started a petition to tuborg to tackle beer botlle menace. We are working on social media to spread the campaign.