Completed Projects

Starting with a underwater video biodiversity survey of Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep for the Ministry of Tourism of Lakshsadweep Islands through National Institute of Oceanography, over the years we have conducted surveys of Netrani Island, Karnataka and Grande Island, Goa for various marine research organisations which include National Institute of Oceanography – Goa, The Center for Applied Sciences -Thiruvananthapuram, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI).
Pre and post monsoon surveys of Netrani Island in Karnataka and of Grande Island in Goa and of Muttom, Enayam and Kollam for CMFRI have been done over several years.
We were also the very first to conduct a underwater survey of Angria Banks, a submerged reef about 60 nautical miles off the coast of Ratnagiri for NIO on their then brand new research vessel R.V. Sindhu Sadhana in January, 2014

NIO Cert


We conducted an underwater survey for the World Wide Fund For Nature – India (WWF-India), Goa Marine Programme Office, to assess the impact of tourism on the coral reef at Grande Island, Goa. The study involved doing line transects and collecting video footage of anchor damage, algal growth etc.

We have been conducting  Underwater & Beach Clean Ups for the last 25 years wherein our team accompanied by divers and non divers alike, join hands and clean the beach on St. George Island. Our 2018 annual Clean Up was different from the other years where we invited only certified divers to clean Suzy’s Wreck (the most popular dive site here for recreatioanl divers) and rid her of innumerable small pieces of fishing nets and debris which is killing all the lovely small soft corals as well as sea fans.

Our team created a video of underwater signs to enable beginners to easily identify marine life underwater. This video is a fun and easy way to teach wareness initiative that we wish to spread to all divers around the world.

The latest project we completed for was for Global FinPrint ( Global FinPrint is a Paul G. Allen (Microsoft partner of Bill Gates) initiative that brings together an international research team and collaborators around the world to fill a critical information gap about the diminishing number of sharks and rays (elasmobranchs). The project launched in summer 2015, with a multi-institutional team conducting surveys of sharks, rays, and other types of marine life on coral reefs using baited remote underwater video surveys (BRUVs). The research will improve our understanding of how elasmobranchs influence the coral reef ecosystem and how humans impact these species and their habitats. Ultimately, the consolidation of this collaborative global research into one single analysis will aid management and conservation efforts for life on the reef.  We are very proud to say we were the ONLY NGO in India to be selected for this project which was conducted at Netrani Island in Karnataka and the islands off Malvan in Maharastra!!

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Last years’ campaign to make the company Tuborg take back their empty bottles is an ongoing battle this year. We started a petition to tackle beer bottle menace with Tuborg as the most bottles discarded at the islands and underwater were of Tuborg. We are working on social media to spread the campaign and so request your URGENT support in joining us to force Tuborg to take back all their bottles and reuse them.

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