Completed Projects

We did a video survey of Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep for the Ministry of Tourism of
Lakshsadweep Islands through National Institute of Oceanography.
In addition we conducted surveys of Netrani Island, Karnataka and Grand Island, Goa for
the Center for Applied Sciences inTrivandrum.
Pre and post monsoon surveys of Netrani Island in Karnataka for Central Marine
Fisheries Research Institute, as also pre and post monsoon surveys of Grande Island in
Goa for the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute have been done.
To sum up we did a survey of Muttom, Enayam and Kollam areas for the Central Marine
Fisheries Research Institute.

We conducted an underwater survey for the World Wide Fund For Nature – India (WWF-India), Goa Marine Programme Office, to assess the impact of tourism on the coral reef at Grande Island, Goa. The study involved doing line transects and collecting video footage of anchor damage, algal growth etc.

We conduct Underwater&Beach Clean Ups. Our 2017’s annual Clean Up at Goa’s St. George Island showed the same level of littering of the Island as in last year and brought up 45 jute bags full of plastic, metal and glass waste of a small stretch of the island for the recycling center. With this annual project we want to spread awareness and inspire people to do the same in their region. Please open your eyes and look at what your consumption impacts.

Our team created a video about dive sings to name and identify marine life underwater. This video is an awareness initiative that we wish will be spread and used by divers around the world.