Permanent Mooring Buoys

Goa is well-known for its exciting watersports activities; however, these boats drop used to anchor indiscriminately almost every day causing destruction to corals and other habitats especially around Grande, Pequeno and St. George Islands.

With permission from Goa Forest Department and with funding from The Habitats Trust, we have installed permanent mooring buoys at the most sensitive sites around these islands thereby mitigating this problem to a great extent. Regular maintenance and care of these will be an ongoing exercise every month.

We have engaged other dive centers in the design and deployment of the buoys at high impact areas around the islands and have educated them in the use of the buoys. This has had a direct impact in the reduction of deployment of anchors in high risk areas and has led to minimization of anchor damage to coral and marine species.

Mooring Buoy
Attaching weights
Securing weights to buoy
Mooring Buoy at Grande Island, Goa