Marine Monitors Project

MARINE MONITORS by Coastal Impact is a research project for certified scuba divers to monitor the state of our oceans off Goa’s Dabolim Airport.

As a part of our Citizen Scientist initiative, we recently started this project where certified divers can play an active part in marine conservation.

You can play an important role in the transplantation and monitoring of corals. You will be involved in collecting valuable data which then gets added to a global website where data on coral reefs worldwide is uploaded, assisting in a better understanding of the state of our oceans.

Goa’s marine biodiversity hotspot at the islands is suffering the impacts of prolonged global warming with up to 80% of coral in the reefs there showing signs of bleaching when examined in April 2020. 

Coastal Impact’s coral fragmentation programme is a response to this tragic loss resulting in 192 fragments of coral being transplanted there in December 2020.

It is expected that as the fragments grow, they will provide new habitats, thereby increasing fish biomass and attracting other species of marine life. This has already been observed by Coastal Impact’s divers monitoring the growth and health of their transplanted coral fragments.

MARINE MONITORS are requested to see and record their observations after each dive, the results of which are used on our coral transplantation databases.

Certified divers become Marine Monitors by booking a space on our “observation trips” on any pre-booked Saturday between November and April each season. All booking must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the program date with full non-refundable advance payment.

Become one! Our SSI certified Open Water Diver courses run for 4 days from Monday to Thursday each week.

You can join us in this effort to preserve the health and diversity of our Goan oceans during your scuba dive by simply recording what you see. 

All courses need to be pre-booked to mutual convenience at least 2 weeks prior to program date with full non-refundable advance payment. Please email for information and cost of the SSI Open Water Diver course.

Due to the fact that perfect buoyancy control is paramount in the Marine Monitor Program, if, after completion of the course it’s found that you will need more dives to achieve the same, it’s the prerogative of the instructor whether to allow you to complete the survey dive or not. In such a situation, if the instructor decides that you are not ready for the survey dive, then our liability is limited to refunding you the Marine Monitor Program dive cost of Rs. 7,000 only.

In the event the courses or dives are cancelled due to weather or factors beyond our control, our liability is limited to rescheduling the same to mutual convenience to other dates during the current season.

Contact and Pricing Details:
Email us at for more details.

Cost of the Marine Monitor Program is Rs. 7,000, which includes a full briefing on the survey technique, followed by 1 dive of a maximum of 45 minutes with full dive equipment and services of a Trainee Divemaster or a certified Divemaster / Instructor.

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