Global FinPrint Project

We worked on the Global FinPrint project, an initiative by Paul G. Allen (Microsoft partner of Bill Gates) which was a global study of Elasmobranchs that brought together an international research team and collaborators around the world to fill critical information gaps about the diminishing number of sharks and rays.

The project was launched in summer 2015, with a multi-institutional team conducting surveys of sharks, rays, and other types of marine life on coral reefs using baited remote underwater video surveys (BRUVs). This research was aimed at improving our understanding of how elasmobranchs influence the coral reef ecosystem and how humans impact these species and their habitats and was completed in Dec, 2017.

Ultimately, the consolidation of this collaborative global research into one single analysis will aid management and conservation efforts for life on the reef. 

In India, this project was conducted by us at Netrani Island in Karnataka and the islands off Malvan in Maharastra. We are very proud to say we were the ONLY NGO in India to be selected for this project which was conducted across 371 coral reefs in 58 countries!! The resultant  the paper is set to be published in Nature  on 22nd July, 2020.

Visit this link below to read the published report.

AIMS_Letter of Support_Coastal Impact - low res