Educational Webinars

The Habitats Trust – Funding Conservation
9th August 2020

In this webinar, Trisha will talk about The Habitats Trust and the roles of the partners in the team. She will also discuss their Conservation Grants for organisations and individuals, the selection process for the Grant recipients, and highlight some of their previously funded projects.

Trisha is the Project Director of The Habitats Trust and an avid lover of wildlife and the forests. She has spent close to a decade working on conservation issues in India that are often overlooked. She has worked with some of India’s premier conservation organizations including WWF-India and the Wildlife Protection Society of India. Trisha has worked on a myriad of conservation issues including human-wildlife conflict, poaching and illegal trafficking in wildlife parts, habitat loss and fragmentation, conservation awareness generation, and support to forest fringe communities.

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Swimming with Sharks
14th July 2020

Devanshi Kasana gives us an incredible introduction to sharks and other elasmobranchs, explaining about their feeding habitats and habitats, while dispelling the fear of sharks brought about by the spread of erroneous information and shedding light on the horrific practice of shark finning.

A graduate student at Florida International University, Devanshi works with genetic tools on elasmobranch fisheries, trade and conservation, researching the role of shark meat as a driver of the shark fishery in Belize, Central America. Her interests lie in studying heavy metal accumulation and toxicity in shark tissues to inform consumption practices and the global trade dynamics of shark meat.

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Sea Sponges: Filters of the Sea
9th July 2020

In this webinar, Dr Anita George will talk about the various sponge forms, types, functional roles, & importance in biomedical research & reef ecosystem

Dr. Anita is a naturalist, marine sponge and octocoral taxonomist with expertise in biodiversity, biogeography, conservation and management of the reef ecosystem. She has a post-doctorate from James Cook University, Australia and has handled projects related to sponge-associated fauna and sponges as ecological indicators for climate-change studies in the Great Barrier Reef and the peninsula India.

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Nudibranchs: Butterflies of the Sea
4th July 2020

Learn about the incredible world of nudibranchs and sea slugs in this presentation by Dr Deepak Apte.

Dr Deepak is the Director of BNHS. He has established a full-fledged Marine Conservation Programme in BNHS and heads a number of research and conservation programmes all over India. Deepak is an excellent underwater photographer and has published a book with the most amazing underwater pictures of sea slugs. He aims to popularize marine biodiversity through research, field expedition and publications.

Alternatives to Fossil Fuels
28th June 2020

In this presentation, Jairam Agaram talks about a variety of alternate energy forms that are in use today, and their advantages and disadvantages.

Jairam owns Digital Energy Inc., a company in California, and has provided consulting to the energy industry since 1989 about energy efficient building design, photovoltaic systems design, solar thermal systems design, energy storage systems, micro-grids, wind energy studies, geo-thermal energy and geothermal heat pumps, etc.

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