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June 2018: What’s plaguing Goa’s Oceans today: Overfishing, Underwater Garbage and Irresponsible Tourism — Times of India

Quoted in an article by the Times of India “What’s plaguing Goa’s Oceans today: Overfishing, Underwater Garbage and Irresponsible Tourism” on 8th June 2018. “Global warming, excess silting, underwater garbage and pollution are the primary areas of concern when it comes to Goa’s marine life right now’ but the most ‘immediate problem is of underwater garbage’.” He says ‘We are currently working with the GWMC and the local tourism industry stakeholders to tackle this problem at source. Some of the long-term solutions are strong education campaigns for the general public about personal waste reduction, which includes management, segregation and collection at source, besides recycling and proper disposal of the rest. other than that we need to find new uses for disposed materials, reduce or eliminate single use plastics, and impose fines and stiff penalties on polluting industries and public.

June 2014: Damage Greater Than The Eye Can See — Times of India

Venkat of Coastal Impact was quoted in an article “Damage greater than the eye can see” by the Times of India on 21st June 2014. 

“Tar balls, if they are not breaking down, can smother marine life and even corals. luckily for us, tar balls washing up on the coast is seen in Goa during late May and early June, which is off-season for us (scuba divers).”

“We close in April. But if the tar balls are seen more often, it could affect us. Many are blaming ships for it, but I do not know. We have been seeing this occurrence since the 1970s. I think it’s important to first ascertain 100% the source of this problem which has been plaguing Goa waters and beaches for years before allocating responsibility or accountability for stopping the same. Given that it’s taking so long, it’s imperative that a special task force should be formed on a war-footing to find the source. Simultaneously, several practical solutions should be examined so that action can be immediately taken once the problem has been identified.”

April 2013: 17 volunteers give coral-rich St George island a clean up — Times of India

Paul Fernandes of Times of India wrote an article “17 volunteers give coral-rich St George island a clean up” on the 30th April 2013, shedding light upon our annual Underwater and Beach Clean up in 2013.

“We filled 11 jute bags of 50 kg size with the waste.” says Venkat Charloo of Coastal Impact, showcasing the extent of the underwater garbage problem in Goa.

March 2011: Swim for Earth Day — Multiple Articles

Coastal Impact, along with PADI’s Project Aware, held a Swimathon event “Swim for Earth Day”, to raise awareness about the Goan rivers and oceans and the many challenges they face.

This was reported in several newspapers, including “Goa Swimathon on Sunday“, Times of India, 2nd April 2011; “Swimathon off Vainguinim Beach”, The Navhind Times, 24th March 2011; “Swim for the Ocean”, Gomantak Times, 20th March 2011; and “The Coast Isn’t Clear“, Herald, 10th April 2011.