June 2014: Damage Greater Than The Eye Can See — Times of India

Venkat of Coastal Impact was quoted in an article “Damage greater than the eye can see” by the Times of India on 21st June 2014. 

“Tar balls, if they are not breaking down, can smother marine life and even corals. luckily for us, tar balls washing up on the coast is seen in Goa during late May and early June, which is off-season for us (scuba divers).”

“We close in April. But if the tar balls are seen more often, it could affect us. Many are blaming ships for it, but I do not know. We have been seeing this occurrence since the 1970s. I think it’s important to first ascertain 100% the source of this problem which has been plaguing Goa waters and beaches for years before allocating responsibility or accountability for stopping the same. Given that it’s taking so long, it’s imperative that a special task force should be formed on a war-footing to find the source. Simultaneously, several practical solutions should be examined so that action can be immediately taken once the problem has been identified.”